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recommendations and testimonials

Michelle's unmatched design aptitude comes natural and easy, and her work quality far exceeds the standards in this industry. Driven by a passion for all things design, she has an innate talent to transform content into engaging interactive visual design solutions and continuously strives to maintain an innovative and cutting-edge product. Michelle's impressive background coupled with her self taught skill sets, demonstrates her willingness to stop at nothing to accomplish superior design solutions. Her keen eye for detail, her reliability and dedication to work go unmatched and make Michelle the ideal team member or employee for any company lucky enough to have her. I have been fortunate to have worked with Michelle for over 10 years, and throughout this time she has grown tremendously as a designer and mentor. I look forward to watching her continue to contribute to this field and solve client's problems and I'm honored to call her a colleague.

Dana Frank, Assistant Manager of UX and Design, Navy Federal Credit Union

Michelle joined Booz Allen shortly after graduating from George Mason University. In the years we worked together, she manifested the promise she showed at the start, and more. And she has continued on the same path. She is a rare combination of talented and versatile illustrator, savvy website creator, designer of carefully thought out and finely executed logos and icons, and crafter of elegant designs.

Keith R. McDaniel, former Senior Designer, Booz Allen Hamilton

There are an endless number of things I could commend Michelle for. Her vast knowledge of design has helped me time and time again. Any questions I have, she would take her time to sit down with me, walk me through it, and watch me as I learn it. She has helped me in my designs, WordPress backend, HTML/CSS, and the list goes on. Her passion for design drives her to keep learning and finding new tools, which she is always excited to share with the Design team. Her work ethic and passion is contagious; she continues to push her design to even more amazing levels. Her work with the Caring Village landing pages exceeded more than what I could have imagined. Her illustrations for the Caring Village app UI and the Caring Village videos are perfect showcases of how talented she is. She is very inspirational and influential on my career as a designer.

Carly Peak, Graphic Designer, Segue Technologies